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"cake" canvas print

"cake" canvas print

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Cake holds something very special for me. It combines creativity, the passion to create something, and it engages all the senses. We can see it, touch it, smell it, and taste it. And when a pleasurable 'mmm' glides through the room, we can hear it. A true work of art.


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art style

Mixed media


Product Type

Graphic print on canvas, for the best results, high-quality canvases are used, which are worth their price and meet the highest standards of detail reproduction and workmanship.

  • Classic canvas texture
  • matt natural surface
  • Detailed inkjet print
  • Support frame made of solid wood, no Spanpress!



carrier frame



side optics

Motif edge mirrored



one piece



No frame!

(This can be ordered on request and for an extra charge. I work here with a wonderful frame builder who also responds to individual wishes.)


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- Yes


Delivery time:

This product is made to order. The production takes about 7 days. Added to this are the delivery times, which differ depending on your location.

  • For national shipping approx. 5 working days
  • For EU shipping 2 weeks
  • For international shipping approx. 5 weeks

The printed work will be packed very securely and shipped insured.

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