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Image description

In this fascinating painting, dominated by the cool tones of blue and the intense accents of red, we see a mysterious and solitary figure gazing into the depths of darkness. Their face is shrouded in shadows, and their eyes gleam in twilight, as if searching for something unfathomable.

The deep blue hues that permeate the painting create an atmosphere of stillness and mystery. The figure appears to be delving into a world beyond our imagination. The passionate red, on the other hand, provides strong accents that convey a touch of danger and desire. It's as if the figure, amidst the darkness, is in pursuit of a passion or a secret that refuses to let go.

The interplay of blue and red gives this painting a unique intensity and prompts questions about the inner world of the figure. What might they be seeking, and will they ever find it? The painting draws the viewer into a world of enigma and sparks the imagination, inevitably prompting contemplation of the story behind the solitary figure.

This picture is an original, painted with acrylic on canvas, and hand-signed.

Product data:

  • Canvas 
  • Size 50 x 100 cm
  • acrylic 
  • no framing!

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