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Tattoo Ticket Design 01

Tattoo Ticket Design 01

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Tattoo Permission Pass

I'm glad you like this design.

The purchase of this ticket entitles you to a one-time use of the design mentioned here as a tattoo. You can take the design to your tattoo artist and have it inked there. So that he also knows that you are entitled to use this design for your own tattoo, you will receive your tattoo ticket by e-mail after purchase for the design selected here.

If you need a higher resolution, just send me a message with your order number. I will then be happy to provide you with a corresponding file.

I am very honored that you have chosen to have a tattoo with my art. This is the highest praise for me as an artist. I thank you for that.

Of course I would also be happy if you would send me a photo of your finished tattoo later. I would really like to see it. If you share it on TikTok or Instagram I would also really appreciate it if you tag me as an original artist.


This item is not a physical item. This is a digital purchase and includes a one-time use license of the chosen design for a personal tattoo.

This pass is valid for this design only. If you would like to have another design tattooed by me, please purchase a pass for this as well.

This tattoo ticket does not entitle you to a custom design. If you would like any customizations to the design, please contact me for a customization price quote. Other people are also not allowed to change this design.

This tattoo ticket is only for your personal tattoo and does not entitle you to use this design in any other way or even for business. If you are interested, please send me a message.

The Tattoo Ticket does not entitle you to exclusive use. This means others can also purchase this design and get tattooed. Exclusive use is only possible if the design has not yet been purchased and the tattoo is engraved by me in my studio.

By purchasing the ticket you agree to all of the above terms. Due to the nature of the product (digital product), I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations of the tattoo ticket.

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